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Stephanie Parrish has experience in many different fields, including running a dance studio in Idaho for 30 years, managing a real estate appraisal office, managing high-end hotels, performing internationally on stage, in theater, movies, commercials, and radio – all while raising six beautiful children.  In 2013, Stephanie moved to Canada and established a health & wellness clinic offering Laser Acupuncture and Polychromatic Light therapy.  After witnessing life-changing health benefits for her clients, she was introduced to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Avacen Micro-circulation therapy and other modalities and began training with the world’s leading experts in each of these fields.  As a result, she is an internationally certified Hyperbaric Therapist, a nationally certified PBMT Light Therapist, and is internationally certified for Avacen Micro-circulation therapy.

In 2015, Stephanie established Vibrant You Hyperbaric Oxygen & Light Center in St. George, Utah, where she offered a proprietary combination of therapies consisting of Targeted Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, PBMT, Whole Body Vibration, Avacen Micro-circulation therapy and PEMF therapy, which produced remarkable health outcomes for her clients.  The center quickly became the premier clinic of its kind in the western United States.

Today, Stephanie is taking her message of hope and healing to a national audience on the Voice America Internet Radio Network.  It’s called the Vitality Health Show, which airs every Thursday at 10:00 am PST, 11:00 MST, 12:00 CST, and 1:00 pm EST.  The show will feature the best of the best in Alternative Medicine and the latest advancements in Health & Wellness.  If you miss a live show, podcasts of each show will be accessible through Voice America podcast outlets.

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