Dare to take responsibility for your own health? Join Don Tolman, the “Indiana Jones” of Whole Foods Medicine, and recording artist/cancer survivor, Alicia Blickfeldt, for an insightful discussion about how to become your own Physician, or “Healer” and your own doctor, or “Teacher of Health.” Our ancestors understood how to live long, healthy lives by embracing the physics of Nature and understanding the elements our bodies are made of. The wisdom Don has shared with people has healed and saved thousands of lives – including Alicia’s! Don believes that people can avoid about 98% of surgeries and most pharmaceutical drugs. He has hundreds of testimonials from people who had the courage to take care of themselves, their friends, and their loved ones. This knowledge will empower you to live the healthy, fulfilling life you’ve always wanted! To listen, simply click on the link above and select from the show list.