Born an ultra-preemie in 1962, Beth grew up with compromised immunity due to large doses of antibiotics given to her at birth. This created health issues throughout her childhood, causing her to be ill every winter, all winter. Beth battled chronic lung and gut issues that carried into adulthood. When her children were born with severe asthma, she dove into self-education and networking with natural practitioners in an effort to find solutions to replace the steroids and inhaled meds. Overcoming childhood asthma in her children naturally, and helping her middle daughter to overcome Crohn’s Disease lit a fire and a hunger for knowledge in her. In 2005, Beth ended up bedridden for 3 years due to salmonella food poisoning that leached out of her gut into her bloodstream and poisoned her entire body. This left her with chronic IBS and an inability to digest fats and protein. Again, education and natural products came to the rescue as she fought to regain her health.